UHA Mikakuto

Cororo gummy

Sweet and sour gummy candy, almost like the texture of an overripe fruit. 


Garlic Toast Spread & Mentai French Toast Spread

Make delicious garlic toasts or mentaiko (cod roe) toasts just by spreading Verde on a piece of bread!

Nestlé Kit-Kat Mini Bitter Strong Powdered Tea



Maxim uses carefully selected coffee beans. Enjoy its rich, deep fragrance.


Nisshin Raoh

The noodles made from whole-wheat flour, while preserving its deliciousness! The whole-wheat grain makes the noodles even more aromatic.


Nanpudo Chili Pepper Shrimp Crackers

With a crispy texture, flavorful bite, and an addictive spicy aftertaste!

Hateruma Seito

Hateruma Kokuto (Brown sugar)

Brown sugar rich in minerals is one of the precious food in Okinawa.


Miyakojima Yukisio

The granulated, powder snow-like Yukisio is made using underground seawater which contains a lot of minerals and no impurities. It is made with a special technique that evaporates water in an instant in order to leave as many ingredients as possible.


Golden curry

An exquisite harmony of 35 kinds of spices and herbs. A fragrant curry with a rich flavor.


Okashigoten Original Beni-Imo Sweet Potato Tart

The bright purple colored beni-imo (purple sweet potato) is 100% from Okinawa. Enjoy the exquisite combination of the Beni-Imo paste and the tart.

Toyo Suisan

Maruchan Okinawa soba

This Okinawa soba contains toothsome Okinawa noodles and delicious soup flavored with bonito and soki pork ribs.

Orion Breweries


Locally brewed beer. The luxurious mouthfeel is perfect for Okinawa!


Nangoku Chu-hi

A refreshing, sweet taste of fruit juice, made by blending pineapple juice with Okinawa-grown shequasar juice.


Okinawa Soba Noodles

Instant Okinawa soba noodles, only sold in Okinawa! Okinawa soba, an old-time Okinawan favorite, now sold in the convenient instant noodle packs.