Immediate protection from light damage! SHISEIDO’s New “REVITAL Extra Rich Cream” is for any skin type.

On Friday, November 20, 2020, “REVITAL Extra Rich Cream” by SHISEIDO will be sold exclusively at AEON Group stores! It is a high-performance cream focused on the mechanism of beautiful skin.
To fight against “light damage”. REVITAL is an ageing care* brand aiming to build an even shinier future. The new Extra Rich Cream is a premium formula that approaches light damage “even faster” and gives you a solid response with the finest moisture. *Moisture care that corresponds with age. Many people may be suffering from ageing signs such as wrinkles, age spots, and lack of firmness due to daily dryness. However, it is said that about 80% of these ageing signs are caused by “light damages”. As Okinawa locates on the lower latitude, the damage caused by the UV rays is much stronger and the amount is twice more of Hokkaido. Summer season is no doubt the strongest, but you shouldn’t be carefree from the UV rays even in winter season when the sun is lower in the sky. Due to a rapid increase of remote work in 2020, it is said the damage caused by blue light from PCs is also increasing. In such an environment, we recommend “Extra Rich Cream” to prevents dryness caused by “light damage” and leads to youthful and firm skin!

High-performance cream that focuses on the mechanism of beautiful skin and approaching with advanced skin technology

Have you given up on wrinkles and saggy skin for not being able to revitalize your skin damages with conventional cosmetics? Extra Rich Cream is a high-performance cream that focuses on the mechanism of beautiful skin and it approaches with advanced skin technology. The premium moisture prevents dryness caused by “light damage” and leads to soft, youthful and firm skin. REVITAL is luxurious moisture with unique skin ingredients that tackle “light damage” by penetrating through the stratum corneum and reach deep into the epidermis. Also, it contains 4MSK*, an effective whitening agent. It guides to bright skin full of firmness and moisture. *Potassium 4-methoxysalicylic acid decreases the production of melanin and prevents dark spots and freckles. Extra Rich Cream is recommended to apply at the very last of your night care. Scoop the cream with a spatula (about the size of a pearl) and apply evenly on the entire face. The cream spread very well so one cream will last for about 6 months. High-performance creams like these may feel slightly difficult to use due to the thick rich texture, but Extra Rich Cream is based on oil-treatment, so it is rich in texture yet it is light and comfortable to apply!

A free gift—“Mini tote bag with charm” for purchasers

SHISEIDO’s “REVITAL Extra Rich Cream” will be sold exclusively at AEON Group stores on Friday, November 20th. The high-performance cream is a highly recommended item for those who want to achieve beauty that gives them great confidence. When purchasing an Extra Rich Cream, a “Mini tote bag with charm” is given as a gift. The Mini tote bag is the first-come-first serve while stocks last, so be sure to pre-order your REVITAL at your local AEON store! *REVITAL Extra Rich Cream will be available at AEON Naha, AEON Haebaru, AEON Chatan, AEON Gushikawa, AEON Nago and AEON STYLE Rycom. AEON STYLE Toyosaki is not included.

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