Guidance of tax-free procedure

We cannot process Tax Free requests at this store.
Please take your purchased items to Tax free counter to receive a refund. Please be aware that you cannot return items after Tax Free requests has been

* Conditions for Tax Free certification *

A seal of landing verification must be present in your passport. (A passport photocopy is not acceptable.)
You will also need the purchased items and the receipt from the store.(Handwritten receipt is not acceptable)

You must be a non-resident of Japan, having been in the country no longer than 6 months.

There are some rules when you do shopping at the member stores (which have GLOBAL TAX-FREE stickers) of Tax-Free Counter.
( It’ s possible to combine some receipts if the shops are the member stores)
※Shipping costs, repair costs and processing costs are excluded from the tax refund.

Total purchase price amoount of ¥5,000 and up ( tax excluded ) in the member shops of Global Tax Free in a single day status.

Maximum purchase amount of consumable products in a single day at the same store is ¥500,000 ( tax excluded ).

It`s possible to combine general and consumable goods when you satisfy the folowing conditions.

  1. Products must be unopened and unused. ( The products may not be used in Japan. If the products are opened or used, they are no longer applicatible fortax exemption. )
  2. Products must be taken outside of Japan within thirty ( 30 ) days of purchase.
  3. Products must be able to be wrapped. ( All products are regarded as consumables, So all tax-free products must be wrapped even if they are not originally consumable. )
* Please be aware *

At all tax-free counters, please note that 1.5% from your Tax-Free purchases will be deducted as a handling fee and the remaining 6.5% or 8.5% will be refunded.

Tax Free Counter open at 10:00am to 9:00pm

You must apply for Tax free status on the day of purchase at the designated counter. It cannot be applied for at a later time.

Consumables must be unconsumed/unopened, and be taken out of Japan within 30 days.
If in the case the items are consumed during the time spent in Japan, Consumption Tax will be applied upon departure.

Returns and exchange are not accepted after get the tax refund. We would appreciate for your understanding and cooperation.