ELIXIR Enriched Wrinkle Cream

Contains retinol that prompts skin to make hyaluronic acid by itself, which increases skin moisture content.


Direct Stick (Peach)

Ryukakusan Direct Stick is a granular remedy which melts like a snowflake in your mouth and acts immediately whenever you feel something wrong with your throat. As it acts directly on the affected area, please take without water.

Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare

Transino WhiteC clear

A new product from the Transino brand, “Transino WhiteC Clear” to take care of stains and freckles. It is a medical product which improves stains and freckles.


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Facial Treatment Essence improves skin condition and protects healthy, firm skin, while helping it to appear more radiant and clear.

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited.

Alinamin EX Plus

It is effective against tired eyes, stiff shoulders, back pain, and other muscle and nerve pain symptoms.


Nanpudo Chili Pepper Shrimp Crackers

With a crispy texture, flavorful bite, and an addictive spicy aftertaste!


Okashigoten Original Beni-Imo Sweet Potato Tart

The bright purple colored beni-imo (purple sweet potato) is 100% from Okinawa. Enjoy the exquisite combination of the Beni-Imo paste and the tart.


Nisshin Raoh

The noodles made from whole-wheat flour, while preserving its deliciousness! The whole-wheat grain makes the noodles even more aromatic.

Toyo Suisan

Maruchan Okinawa soba

This Okinawa soba contains toothsome Okinawa noodles and delicious soup flavored with bonito and soki pork ribs.


Nestlé Kit-Kat Mini Bitter Strong Powdered Tea


Designated Category 2 Medicine Kanyu (Liver Oil) DropM 400


GUM Dental Paste Standing Type

It kills periodontal disease bacteria, preventing inflammation, periodontal diseases (such as gingivitis and periodontitis) and halitosis more effectively.

Wakamoto Pharmaceutical

Strong Wakamoto

Strong Wakamoto is effective for stomach, abdominal and intestinal discomfort. Moreover, it is a nutritional supplement made from natural infredients gentle to body.


ELIXIR Enriched Wrinkle Cream

Contains retinol that prompts skin to make hyaluronic acid by itself, which increases skin moisture content.


ELIXIR Balancing Bubble

A facial cleanser that turns into very fine bubbles rapidly. Making the bubbles effortlessly and the cleanser will reach every single pore and cleans thoroughly.


Mug Bottle

Recommended for everyday use as it is easy to carry, light enough to toss in a small bag, easy to fill with ice, and has a feature that prevents condensation.


KYOCERA Kitchen 3-piece set Green


THERMOS Potable Mug JNL-504PBK


IH Rice Cooker

This rice cooker has options to cook rice as well as a variety of recipes such as rice porridge.

made in japan

Soil diatomaceous earth bath mat

Many characteristic functions of this bath mat: ‘’Amazing water absorbing power‘’, ‘’Deodorizing and humidity adjustment effect‘’, ‘’Mold and mite reduction‘’ and ‘’Comfortable anytime without washing‘’.


Medical Lotion (peach leaves)


meiji Hohoemi Raku Raku Cube

Meiji Hohoemi Raku Raku Cube is Japan’s most selected cubic-type powdered milk!


Child Toothbrush

The design incorporating characters popular with children, which will make toothbrushing into a fun activity!


Powdered baby food

Powdered baby food. Only need to add hot water and mix well.


Nursing Bottle

A baby bottle designed to be used with the same mouth movements as real breasts, making it easier to use alongside breastfeeding. It comfortably assists breastfeeding.


Designated Category 2 Medicine Kanyu (Liver Oil) Drop S


Category 2 Medicine CABAGIN KOWA α


Nanpudo island pepper shrimp rice cracker


Medical Lotion (peach leaves)


KYOCERA Kitchen 3-piece set Green