Actions to Prevent Global Warming and Reducing CO2

2017 AEON RYUKYU Reduction of CO2 Emissions

AEON RYUKYU proactively promotes environmental preservation campaign with our customers. Most familiar examples are “bring your own shopping bag” and “in-store recycling box”. Encouraging customers to carry own reusable shopping bags reduces the use of plastic bags, and this contributes to saving resources and CO2 emissions reduction. In-store recycling box aims to reduce household waste by collecting food trays and paper cartons, for the purpose of reusing resources.
Types of Recycling Reduction
Carrying MyBag
(plastic bag cutdown)
Planting activity (in total) 146,743kg
Aluminum Cans 24,463.58kg
Food Trays 13,219.84kg
Milk Cartons 28,7112.16kg
Plastic Bottles 52,800.41kg

In-store Recycling Collection

We promote recycling campaign by installing in-store recycling boxes for milk cartons, food trays, aluminum cans, plastic bottles (at some stores). Collected milk cartons are recycled and reused as toilet paper. Tray→tray / milk carton→toilet paper / cans→kitchen stove guard [Please use the recycling box too!]


Year Food Tray Milk Carton Aluminum Can
2013 15,354kg 33,578kg 25,773kg
2014 12,775kg 31,245kg 26,232kg
2015 9,668kg 24,064kg 19,616kg
2016 11,802.82kg 28,431.18kg 24,728.37kg
2017 13,219.84kg 28,712.16kg 24,463.58kg

Plastic Bottle Caps

Year Amount No. of People
2008 3,130kg 574
2009 27,450kg 5,032
2010 34,700kg 6,361
2011 31,870kg 5,843
2012 28,190kg 5,168
2013 24,400kg *1 4,474
2014 10,130kg *2 1,857
2015 19,296kg *3 3,538
2016 20,727kg 3,742
2017 11,672kg 2,107
Total 211,565kg 38,696
*Data up to 2013 is a sum for 1 year (Sept to Aug). *2014 is a half-year data (Sept to Feb). *Data from 2015 is a sum for 1 year (Mar to Feb) (Plastic bottle cap recycling campaign started from Nov 1st, 2018)

2017 AEON Group Total

Amount Collected
221.78 million
Amount Donated
2,918,277 Yen

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