• Santen

    Santen FX neo

    It even suppresses the inflammation caused by the Okinawa’s strong UV rays. It feels cool and will make your eyes feel refreshed.

  • Takeda Pharmaceutical Company

    Alinamin EX Plus

    It is effective against tired eyes, stiff shoulders, back pain, and other painful symptoms.

  • Wakamoto Pharmaceutical

    STRONG Wakamoto

    "STRONG WAKAMOTO"is effective in the stomach,and in intestines. Moreover,it is a nourishment medicine. Natural material gentle to body.

  • Ryukakusan

    DIRECT Stick Peach

    Ryukakusan Direct Stick is a granular remedy which melts like a snowflake in your mouth and acts immediately whenever you feel something wrong with your throat. As it acts directly on the affected area, please take without water.

  • Japan SS Pharmaceutical


    Highthiol C Plus is a medicine which improves skin cell metabolism, thus alleviating problems such as stains or acne.



    It quickly works against itching and thoroughly solves redness and swelling. Thanks to its sharp coolness and herbal aroma, you can use it without worrying about your surroundings.

  • Hisamitsu

    Salonpas Ae

    Effectiveness is increased thanks to deeply penetrating ingredients! Flexible and easy to apply, it fits perfectly onto the skin.

  • Sunstar

    GUM Dental Paste Standing Type

    It kills periodontal disease bacteria, preventing inflammation, periodontal diseases (such as gingivitis and periodontitis) and halitosis more effectively.

  • Kewpie

    Bottled baby food

    Even mommies who have just started feeding their babies can feel safe, because they can see the content of the bottle. It can easily be fed to babies as is, and is convenient to bring with you on outings.


    Powdered baby food

    Powdered baby food. Only need to add hot water and mix well.

  • Pigeon

    Nursing Bottle

    A baby bottle designed to be used with the same mouth movements as real breasts, making it easier to use alongside breastfeeding. It comfortably assists breastfeeding.

  • Lion

    Child Toothbrush

    The design incorporating characters popular with the children will make toothbrushing into a fun activity