• Asahi

    Nagoku Chu-hi

    A refreshing, sweet taste, with the mouthfeel of fruit juice, made by blending pineapple juice with Okinawa-grown shequasar juice.

  • Orion Breweries


    Locally brewed beer. The luxurious mouthfeel is perfect for Okinawa!

  • Kewpie

    Bread Spread garlic flavor&mentaiko

    Make delicious garlic toast or cod roe bread just by spreading Verde on a piece of bread!

  • AGF


    Maxim uses carefully selected coffee beans. Enjoy its rich, deep fragrance.

  • S&B

    Golden curry

    An exquisite harmony of 35 kinds of spices and herbs. A fragrant curry with a rich flavor.

  • Nanpudo

    Nanpudo Chili Pepper Shrimp Cracker

    With a crispy texture, flavorful bite, and an addictive spicy aftertaste!

  • Toyo Suisan

    Maruchan Okinawa soba

    This Okinawa soba contains toothsome Okinawa noodles and a delicious soup flavored with bonito and soki pork ribs.

  • Myojo

    Okinawa Soba Noodles

    Instant Okinawa soba noodles, only for sale in Okinawa! Okinawa soba, an old-time Okinawan favorite, now has the convenience of instant noodles.

  • Hateruma Sugar Co., Ltd.

    Hateruma Kokuto(Brown sugar)

     Brown sugar rich in minerals is one of the precious food in Okinawa.

  • Nissin

    Nisshin Raoh (soy sauce, miso, salt)

    The noodles have been made whole-wheat, while preserving their toothsomeness! The whole-wheat grain makes the noodles even more fragrant.

  • UHA taste sugar

    Cororo gummy

    Sweet and sour gummy candy, almost the texture of an overripe fruit. 

  • Paradise Plan

    Miyakojima Yukisio

    The granulated, powder snow-like Yukisio is made using underground seawater which contains a lot of minerals and no impurities. It is made with a special technique that evaporates water in an instant in order to leave as many ingredients as possible.