Health and Beauty

  • SK-II (White)

    Facial Treatment Essence

    Facial Treatment Essence improves skin condition and protects healthy, firm skin, while helping it to appear more radiant and clear.

  • KOSE

    Medicated Sekkisei

    A medicated toner with carefully picked oriental herbal extracts that makes the skin fresh, smooth, and moisturized like the snow.

  • kanebo

    Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

    The enzymes and amino acids remove old protein and extra sebum from your skin to make it clean and smooth.


    iP base essence

    The essence quickly penetrates into the deepest portion of the stratum corneum, turning dry skin into moisturized, firm skin

  • Shiseido

    ELIXIR enriched wrinkle cream

    Contains retinol, Prompts skin to make hyaluronic acid by itself, Increases skin moisture content

  • Shiseido

    ELIXIR balancing bubble

    A facial cleanser that turns into very fine bubbles increasing rapidly. Making the bubbles is effortless and the cleanser will reach every single pore and clean it thoroughly. It can even be used as make-up remover.

  • Ishizawa Laboratories

    Keana Nadeshiko Rice Mask

    This product fights dryness in pores with a compound extracted from rice exclusively grown in Japan. Make your skin as plump and moist as rice.

  • chulala

    Mask sold exclusively in Okinawa. Shikuwasa &Hibiscus Goya & Acerola

    The compound of natural ingredients will give your skin its liveliness back. Improve the condition of your skin and make it smoother.



    A cream made for 98.5% of natural ingredients. Its unique formulation is gentle on the skin while providing an incredible moisturizing power.

  • KATE


    An eyebrow powder which creates an impression of well-defined eyes with gradient eyebrows and nose shadow.


    Glow Fleur Cheeks

    Despite being a powder it does not feel like one, and it boasts the transparency and adhesion to the skin typical of creams! The transparent shininess will make you look cute and lively♪

  • Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare

    Transino White C

    A new product from the Transino brand, “Transino White C Clear”, to take care of stains and freckles. It is a medical product which improves stains and freckles.